Espagry Ibérica

Fresh Cherry , in alcohol or SO2

Cereza en alcohol

Cherries have always been well-known for their depurative characteristics, as they clean the body from its toxins thank to the high content of anthocyanins – a substance which gives them that peculiar purple red hue, very typical of cherries.

Cherries are our main product – in particular Monzon and Lamper are the most used for the confectionery industry and the best ones for to be preserved in SO2 solutions.

Other varieties (like the “picotas” Ambrunés, Pico Colarado etc , very typical in our areas) are used for the production of  pralines – with other calibers, they are perfect for several industrial uses thank to their excellent organoleptic qualities.

We sell our cherries

  • In alcohol solution: calibrated and pitted
  • In SO2 solutions: calibrated, pitted, with peduncle, in halves but without peduncle

Frozen Cherries

Cereza en alcohol

Fresh frozen cherry is ideal to enjoy cherry properties at other times of the year. The frozen cherry retains its freshness and sweetness.

They are packaged in bulk for use with yogurt, smoothies or for pastry fillings and desserts.

Natural Dried titted cherries

Cereza en alcohol

The dry or dehydrated cherry also allows to increase the shelf life of the product. We can see them in snack or covered with chocolate. It is also possible to enjoy dehydrated cherries as breakfast complements.

If the cherry has a high degree of dehydration it can be ground. This "cherry flour" can be used to prepare shakes, yoghurts or as flavorings in meals and desserts.