Espagry Ibérica

Scale service for full trucks

We offer a service of truck weighing at cheap price just outside our facilities.

  • GPS coordinates: Longitude: -6.06305Âș Latitude: 39.97486Âș
  • Direction: Road EX-108 Km 45, 10680, Malpartida de Plasencia (Next to Industrial Area "Las Pozas")

How to get to Scale?

From Plasencia to Malpartida de Plasencia
Driving down N-110

At "Glorieta Trujillo" take the exit to EX-208

After 4.5km turn left to EX108 (Malpartida de Plasencia)

Go straight on, past the Industrial Area "Las Pozas" and take the next exit on the left.

From Navalmoral to A-66 on EX-A1
Driving down EX-A1 take the exit 42

Go round the round about. Exit 3 to EX-108

Take the first turning on the right

From CĂĄceres to Salamanca (On A-66)
Driving down A-66 take the exit 479 to EX-A1 Navalmoral de la Mata

On the round take the second exit to EX-A1

Driving down on EX-A1 and take the exit 42

On the round take the third exit to EX-108

Take the first turning on the right

If a navigation system is unavailable, here you have some useful links to reach us.